Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Work Hard, Play Responsibly | Win A Wish From ShopBack

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of online shopping. Like everyone, the concept seemed slightly scary at first but I've always been lucky enough to have all successful transactions so far. Today, it's pretty much become a calming pasttime for me as I slowly enter the ranks of adulthood. I'm already halfway through college and about to take a mock board exam which is a tradition in my university. It's sort of this test that checks just how much we've learned studying 3 years worth of architectural knowledge hence the large pile at the right side of the photo above.

Because of everyone's busy schedules, we don't get to do a lot of the stuff that we want, and honestly, who doesn't love to just spend a lazy day at home? I love how online shopping let's you scroll around the world in the comfort of your room and just be able to experience so many beautiful concepts thought up by people from all over the globe. As a designer-in-training, this has always been my favorite thing about shopping. (Other than the cool stuff you get to buy. Haha!)

We can all agree that online shopping can be an expensive hobby, which is why whenever I do it, I try to look for the best deals possible so I know I can save as much money as I can - I wait for sales, I look for promo codes, and of course, I use ShopBack!

ShopBack is a great little application that can help you earn back some of the money that you've spent shopping online. And the best thing is: you don't have to pay anything for membership! Just sign up and start shopping! Above, you can already see ShopBack's explanation on how you get your money back when you shop through them!

A quick infographic on how to use ShopBack.

The process itself is incredibly simple. Just log into your account and take your pick from ShopBack's extensive list of partnered online stores! My personal favorites are ZALORA, LAZADA, and ASOS! You simply click on the link and go to the window that ShopBack opens and just shop there. Remember to stay in that window so ShopBack can track your purchase and you're sure to get the promised cashback! It seems a bit strange at first, but I've already used ShopBack for 5 purchases and they've never failed me once!

I love the variety of the available partner stores of ShopBack as they can pretty much cater to anyone's interests so you can pretty much save up on anything you buy online with their help! Since I've been particularly busy lately, I don't just shop around online for clothes and shoes, I also look for cool everyday things I can use. Below are the contents of my online shopping wishlists. In other words, my next targets. Haha! You can also treat it as a quick guide on what to expect in certain online stores.

I love shopping at ASOS because of the beautifully modern and contemporary designs that I could never find anywhere in Manila. The quality is fantastic and the prices are more than fair. I love that online shopping and ShopBack has made it so much easier to access amazing fashion from all over the world! I would love to travel with the blanket scarf, walk the streets of New York in the green coat, or just chill at a local cafe with this interesting sweater from the webstore!

Aside from cutting edge clothing, ASOS also has some of the best and most affordable footwear I've seen. They are also the most unique! I love how they slightly modify classics and make them more contemporary and I just want to have them all! I particularly love the low cut boots as they can also be worn in warmer weather, while the sneakers are a great addition to any urbanite's closet! As for the sandals, I always like trying new things and they look so chic and comfortable!

For classic, modern, and affordable clothing, I always find myself shopping in ZALORA. I really love the modern zip tee and the chill vibe of the denim buttondown on the right. I'm also pretty much head over heels in love with the sneaker boots!
Other than ZALORA's great clothes they also have a lot of other brands and I'm absolutely obsessed with these sneakers from Nike! I'm especially in love with the Blue Huaraches in the middle! :D

For endlessly cool things, LAZADA is pretty much a one-stop shop. You can find great deals on gadgets, fashion, and even stuff for the home! I'm currently crazy over wanting a 3DS XL because life has become so busy that I'd like to get as much play time as possible whenever I get the chance. I also want to try using scented candles to create a more relaxing environment in my room, and of course this super cool bag by one of my favorite online brands - FTW Apparel!

Korean skincare has become a huge part of my life this past year and I absolutely love that Althea is one of ShopBack's many partner stores. Believe me when I say you will find the best deals in Korean skincare through Althea. My current wishlist here is the AC Clean Up Toner from Etude House, the Pobling Electronic Cleanser, and Innisfree's new Jeju Lava Seawater Essence!

One of my favorite things about online shopping is that it's encouraged me to try a lot of new things because it's become a gateway for everyone to buy interesting new inventions and designs, and the best part? It's delivered straight to your doorstep! Be it scented candles, strappy sandals, or a cool sweater, there's always something new to try and you don't even have to get out of the house to try them! After a long hard day of working, you deserve to treat yourself without making much of an effort. With ShopBack you get to enjoy the things you love, and expand your horizons with new things as well, but you get to spend your hard earned money more responsibly with the nifty cashback! It's really easy to find great deals on the things you want online and when you partner it up with using ShopBack you get to save a lot of money in the process. Discounted item *plus* cashback? Now that's what I would call smart shopping! And the best part of all, it's also mobile so you can check on your cashbacks while you're on the go!

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  1. I do not really shop online when it comes to clothes so I do not know if I can ever use this service. Will study this more when I do decide to finally buy something wearable online.

  2. oh, i like using shopback too! i use them for shopping on zalora and foodpanda especially. they use to be linked up with qoo10, but sadly it has been terminated.

  3. With Shopback, people will be more encourages to buy stuff online. For those who are not into online shopping, maybe this is a good time to try. It's nice to hear that Althea is part of this.

  4. I love to shop online but mostly use Amazon. Shopping for clothes is difficult for me because of the different cuts and sizes for different brands. But once I figure out the sizes from the stores, I think this can be a viable option.

  5. I love shopping online as well, but mostly for gadgets and accessories. I don't have the confidence to shop for clothes online because of the fit and other concerns, haha. I think this is an awesome concept, you get to earn money while shopping! Awesome!

  6. Maybe because I am more of an environmentalist, I try to reduce shopping and only purchase when necessary. It's always good to be saving some money while shopping all the same!

  7. I love ASOS too. Good to know both site & app works pretty well..

  8. Love rebate sites like shopback! Can earn credit card points as well :)

  9. I always prefer online shopping over offline shopping. Shopback looks a great online site to do shopping. Would love to try it out.

  10. Shopping can be costly as you get enticed to buy more. Shopback options looks like a better way to shop as you get rebates. It's also important to be disciplined when shopping.

  11. good thing that this concept is now applied here in the country. I have heard about similar platform way back then but only available in western countries. Good thing we have now this version and we can really earn something out from the purchases we will be making!

  12. I love the concept behind Shopback. Shop, grab good deals and then get cash rewards.

  13. I like online shopping and I like shopback because of the cash rebate.. So nice... Happy happy!