Sunday, July 31, 2016

July 2016 Travel Diaries | Cebu City Tour Part 1

Took the chance and joined my college's architectural tour in Cebu and Bohol which happened just last week! Didn't know what to expect since the professor that organized the trip was known for his overzealous way of thinking. It ended up being seriously jam-packed with almost no time to breathe but the travel agency - Explore8 - was pretty great at handling everything and the trip went without a hitch. I took a ton of photos and it was quite a challenge to sort through everything, so expect a lot of upcoming Cebu-Bohol travel diaries!

First place we visited was Fort San Pedro which is the first fort built during the Spanish Regime.

Tons of preserved photographs and sketches of the Fort are displayed by the entrance.

Paintings of the historical figures during Magellan's arrival in Mactan and the introduction of Catholicism to the country. On the center (ish) of the photo is Raja Lakandula, one of the first leaders within the country, with his wife below him.

We continued walking around the fort in the crazy heat. I hadn't even noticed the cool triangular plan of the place until I saw a model of the fort.

Stone wheels used for the Galleon Trade.

There are actually a lot of buildings we didn't go into but the buildings like these were probably repurposed for their staff's administrative office.

Outside the Fort, we passed by their port office, Malacanan na Sugbo.

Pretty plaza sculpture reminiscent of the Katipunan statue near SM Manila! Too bad the elliptical road around it is narrow and it makes the statue so hard to appreciate.

Near the plaza is the Santiago-Yap Ancestral Home.

It's seriously dark inside and I couldn't get over how well my Fujifilm X-A2 performed inside. Huhu

Everything is crazy photogenic here.

How kitchens looked like during the Spanish era. This called the bangguera in Filipino, where people would put their glasses.

The ancestral home also doubles as a restaurant with a strict reservation-only policy so there's this small open space outside.

When you go upstairs, you have to wear shoe wraps to help keep the old wood floors clean.

One of my favorite shots in this entire trip!

What the bangguera looks like from the inside.

Gorgeous lights I would love to have myself! Haha! I think my favorite thing about this house was how the upper floor was constructed with so many windows and a light-looking roof frame which made it easy for air to circulate around the house. So important for designing in tropical countries! It was really hot that day and we were in there with no air conditioning or fans but it definitely didn't feel any hotter inside.

And that concludes the first leg of my Cebu travel posts! Stay tuned for more! :D


  1. What a stunningly beautiful place to begin your trip. I had no idea about the Spanish regime there. :/
    Your photos are brilliant

  2. What a stunningly beautiful place to begin your trip. I had no idea about the Spanish regime there. :/
    Your photos are brilliant

  3. I did a similar tour in Cebu when I was still in college. Now, I'm mostly in the beach or in their resorts.

  4. I have only seen the outside of Fort San Pedro but never been inside. Funny that painting of Raja Lakandula, that they had to emphasize his beer belly. Hehe.

  5. I've never been to Cebu! I kept asking my family to go with me this coming December but they wanted to go somewhere else! There's lots of great architecture here! I can't wait to see more.

  6. Top notch photos you got there. Just learning about Cebu for the first time - your article puts me on the journey to learn and imagine the beautiful things to encounter there. You do have a great taste for adventures.

  7. We went to Cebu last year and had a great trip with family. We didn't go inside Santiago-Yap Ancestral Home because they were charging a minimal fee and we were so kuripot and decided not to pay. Haha. :) Great pics! Did you edit them or they went straight from the camera?

    1. I sharpen my photos and put a very light filter before putting them on the blog :)

  8. Your photos are extemely great and very clear! Your Cebu exploration is something special for it gave much to your inner talents.

  9. Fort San Pedro and that Ancestral Home look way too gorgeous!!! Perfect places for any kind of photography incl fashion photography!

  10. Yes I have visited Cebu sometime ago. I went there via Cebu Pacific Airline. The place is very peaceful and scenic too.

  11. Oh, this is really beautiful... The rustic village view is really beautiful and photo worthy. I think doing some bridal photoshoot here will be really beautiful

  12. You got great photos here! I've been in Cebu as well but never managed to go inside fort San Pedro. The other one, it's near my friend's boarding house. I was supposed to visit it right after visiting Sto Nino church and the cathedral but my son was sleepy that time so we ended by planning to go back there soon instead.

  13. You makes me wanna visit cebu city.. The place looks so unique and nice!

  14. This is a great site to visit in Cebu. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating my birthday in Cebu and I am still thinking what to include in my itinerary. This place sounds cool. As a Filipino, it gives me pride to know our own history in real. I appreciate more what we studied in elementary and high school by visiting the places I only see in historical books.