Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beautiful Experiences with ZIG Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA Flesh & Neutral Set

My obsession with brush markers is still clearly alive and kicking. One of my most recent acquisitions is the beautiful Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA in the Flesh and Neutral Tones set. I've become an official convert ever since I tried using the Letraset Tria Markers and instantly fell in love with the level of sophistication brush markers can give your work. Even though I've already tried the amazing Copic Sketch Markers, I still wanted to find more affordable alternatives and I really think I may have found it!

The set comes in 12 pink to orange-based tones. Definitely a bit of variety going on here. However, I have noticed that some colors look almost identical but I assume this was done so you can create more seamless shade transitions.

Not to be mistaken for the ZIG Art & Graphic Twin, the Kurecolor Fine & Brush for MANGA markers are slightly shorter and have more crudely designed caps - compared to the Art & Graphic Twin which is almost a complete replica of the Staedtler Marsgraphic 3000 duo. There's not much to say about the packaging except that you have to make sure you capped the markers properly. (There should be a click which takes a bit of force) I almost had a heart attack when I saw that one of the markers had been uncapped for probably days because it didn't fully click when I sealed it.

The moment of truth - I can safely say that this brush marker performs almost just as well as COPIC Sketch Markers, except with COPIC Sketch Markers, you have the broad tip that lets you color in large areas. However, what I *love* about these markers is that you have noticeably more control with the brush and the ink. With the super brush of COPIC Markers, the tendency is that the colors spread all over the paper, making you miss the outline of your drawings. This is almost never the case with the ZIG Fine & Brush. Also, the finished color blends with each other to create a nice flat finish which is especially important when coloring people. (No to streaks, please.)

Here's a little comparison for reference between the Tombow Dual Brush Marker, COPIC Sketch Marker, Staedtler Marsgraphic 3000 Duo, and the ZIG Kurecolor Fine & Brush Marker.

As you can see, it is no doubt the smallest of the bunch - but definitely not to be underestimated because of its superior precision. Think of it as a "less juicy" version of the COPIC Sketch. Haha!

Here are some sample works I did:

Quick rendering to test out the Flesh Tone set. Used the set to render the skin and was so pleasantly surprised! You can use the pink shade for blush, then cover it up with the desired skin color. It will blend together to create a natural finish which you can then finish off with a slightly darker shade to create depth.

Overall, I can safely say that this set completely destroys any need for further purchase of light skin tone shades when it comes to markers - unless you're an art student that needs neutral tones like these to render huge figures. I am so thoroughly impressed with these markers that I actually plan to buy the Muted Set as well in the future!

You can get this set at Craft Carrot for about 1600PHP which has all the ZIG gear I could ever want. Haha! 


  1. I enjoy producing art as well, and these seem nice. I've seen them in stores. Do you know if you can use these with a canvas?

  2. Interesting range of flesh tones. Good to know it blends well too..

  3. They can have really different strokes for the pen. It does show how good they are in your artwork.

  4. Good set of colour tones. Your artwork is lovely. Are they easy to work with, do they glide nicely or is it more sketch type brush strokes?

  5. I have zero talent in art, unless you consider doodling an art, lol. But these are awesome and you can definitely do so much with them. Glad you're impressed with this set!

  6. Wow that is indeed a specialized set of pens depicting all flesh tones only. Really for the serious comic or manga artist. You really have a knack for this art.

  7. You got a good penmanship there, huh! Plus, an awesome talent too. Only if I am good at drawing such!!! You make Zig more interesting, swear!

  8. The result is womderful for its color! True indeed that it gives the true meaning because of this medium.