Sunday, June 5, 2016

Korea March 2016 | Changdeokgung Secret Garden Tour

Our third day started with an early morning stroll through Changdeokgung's Secret Garden tour. Unlike other palaces, the Secret Garden has an admission fee because you have to be accommodated by a tour guide. You can reserve your tickets online even before you get to Korea! Read on to see my experience at the Secret Garden! :)

But before anything else, breakfast! Ediya is one of the top coffee chains in Korea and a family friend recommended we try it. Had the Honey Toast and an Iced Caramel Machiatto.

Now, Changdeokgung!

Black and grey for the day | Oxygen backpack, H&M jacket, UNIQLO jeans, Nike sneakers, ZARA Man top.

First area of Changdeokgung.

This Sakura Tree was in early bloom and it's coincidentally the first tree you see. It was almost as if it knew it was the first thing most tourists would see! Haha!

Had so much fun taking photos of the few sakura trees that were in bloom! Can't imagine how beautiful this place is during fall or spring!
Grand courtyard. This is only the front of the complex! *o*

These ladies were in Hanbok! I'm not sure if they're visitors doing it on a whim or they could also be guides.

This beautiful breed of Sakura tree nearby the entrance to the secret garden!

We met up with the guide and there were more than a hundred of us; all from different parts of the world! Our guide was pretty surprised himself since it was still winter which is usually a slow time for them.
So many parts in the Secret Garden, each are so steeped in history!

According to our guide, the Emperor would punish his soldiers by sending them to the center of this little lake.

Next was the Lake of Energy. I'm pretty sure the Russian lady and I unconsciously took photos of each other here. Haha!

A swim in the Lake of Energy, anyone? Kidding. That is most definitely something you can't do.

Each lake has their own story and it was so hard to keep track. Ultimately, I just admired the garden itself.

Onto the servants' quarters.

Note when touring Changdeokgung's Secret Garden, wear sneakers! The slopes are relentless and tour takes about 2 hours so be prepared! :)
The tour ends with this 750-year-old Chinese Juniper. So majestic! It as also my first time seeing a gigantic tree being supported by steel posts. :O

Super cool building on the way back to the station. If I'm not mistaken, it's an extension of an old museum in Anguk.

Yummy Gimbap before moving on to our next destination.

Octopus Bibimbap! It was alright but I wish it had more Gochujang.

Stopped by Paris Patisserie before boarding our train to Hongdae. They were having a Strawberry Festival event so all of their pastries had strawberries! Wanted to try *all* the cakes huhu

Ended up getting a few small pastries for snacks later in the day.

Next stop, Hongdae! But ending this post with my photo with Sakura! :)

'Til next time!


  1. These are awesome sights! Since we will be going to Korea soon, this post will come in handy. I think wearing Korean hanbok costume in Changdeokgung is a must-try. :)

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