Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hits & Misses with ZIG Kuretake Fudebiyori Pocket Color Brush Pens

After the wonderful success with my trial with the Wink of Stella pens, I knew I had to try ZIG Kuretake's other lines. One of the most affordable being the Fudebiyori  Pocket Colors! They're super convenient pocket brush pens that are so much fun to use. Read on for the full review!

There are two sub-lines for the Fudebiyori: the Pocket Colors and Metallic. The Pocket Colors are straightforward colors without any special finish while the Metallic ones are, well, metallic. Haha! Above is the Pocket Color brush pens I own. Unfortunately the exact color isn't printed anywhere on the body. They cost 65PHP a piece!

The packaging for the Metallic line is slightly fancier with the shiny gold branding. (110PHP each)

The performance of both lines are completely the same. I love how they are so easy to use and you can definitely create super fine 0.2mm lines to 4mm lines. I think these are one of the easiest to use brush pens ever! Perfect for both beginners and hobbyists.

On white paper, the metallic red one does not exhibit any metallic luster at all, but the metallic green manages to give a little bit of shine. This was quite disappointing for me since I rarely use black paper so I really wanted them to work well even on white paper like the Wink of Stella.

My advice for these pens to last is not to press the nib too hard when using. Remember that the resistance of the nib is your friend! I made this mistake with my metallic green Fudebiyori and it's now crazy frayed and can only make nice medium to thick lines.

The Fudebiyori has a medium sized brush nib compared to the other brush pens. Perfect size for spontaneous doodling and lettering!

On photos, the luster is barely visible and looks almost like chalk. Haha! I was surprised by the difference in performance of the two pens. The green only took one swipe and was beautifully opaque with a noticeable glimmer while the red came out chalky and almost devoid of shine. It needed a lot of swipes as well before it came out on paper. Definitely a big hit and miss with this one which is sad because these cost about 110php each.

The Pocket Colors, however, work like a dream! I find myself gravitating towards them lately whenever I feel like lettering on a whim. This was quoted from Chasing The Sun by Sara Bareilles.

Another sample using both Metallic and Pocket Color lines! (The metallic red is again barely metallic.)

You can check this out at Craft Carrot or at Scribe stores in SM Aura, Glorietta 5, and Eastwood! :D


  1. Those are really awesome, I especially like it written against black paper. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Artistic people will love using these colored pens. These are great for those who like to practice writing with different font styles and taking pictures to post on IG.

  3. I like the brightness of the Pocket Colors sub-lines esp. the red. The metallic red looks too subdued in the notebook page, maybe it will be different when used in other specialty papers/boards. Having many options for your creativity is good. ;-)

  4. I haven't used any other brand, than Staedtler!!!
    Never bothered to, coz I am pretty much happy with them.
    I love your writing style!! Its perfect!!!

  5. You really know how to differentiate each of the pen and use them accordingly. They do have strong and unique colors for their pens.

  6. I guess these are really for the serious calligraphy specialists and hobbyists. Or those who like making personalized crafts. Your writing looks really good, even professional.

  7. Love the colors you picked! These pens you post about are so specific.