Friday, November 13, 2015

East Meets West at Le Petit Souffle

A few Sundays back I finally got to try Le Petit Souffle! It's been pretty hyped up by almost everyone I know which is why when my dad told us he wanted to try it, it had literally been the one thing I was excited for that week. Haha! Read on to see my review!

You can immediately see it when you get off the elevator at Century City Mall in Makati. I was so anxious that day because I thought it was going to be so packed once we got there. Unexpectedly, there were still a lot of seats available when we arrived mostly because Typhoon Lando had still been going on and we went anyway because FOOD. Haha!

And the interiors will immediately make you fall in love! Hands down favorite interiors for a restaurant ever.

Spot the Jason. LOL onto the food! :D

Cheesu & Matcha Puffs (175PHP) - As a starter we got these super light tasting puffs. Personally I think you can live without these. I was sort of disappointed because I couldn't detect Matcha at all. If they named these as Cheesu Puffs, I think I would've like it more. They're light and fluffy pieces of baked bread with a semi-sharp hit of salty cheddar.

Sesame-crusted Tuna Salad (345PHP) - Really felt the fusion cuisine with this one. It's like a fancy western salad mixed with Kani salad ingredients, topped with sesame-crusted tuna that is so lightly seared that that the middle is still sashimi! The sauce is a mix of what tastes like sesame dressing and wasabi which is an easy winner for me since I love both flavors independently and together!

Truffled Hamburg Meatball Spaghetti (550PHP) - Things started to get interesting from here. I really enjoyed this one because one, cream based pastas are always sinfully delicious and two, there's a surprising balance going on with this dish. With most indulgent dishes, you find yourself reaching for water after a few bites. However, the cream and truffles in this pasta isn't overwhelming at all. Everything here is done so well, I would order this again in a heartbeat!

Pork Bourguignon (425PHP) - I've never had this dish before so I don't really have any frame of reference. I can say that this is a delicious dish regardless. It's sort of like a baked casserole since the topping is all nice and melty while the rice underneath is coating in the delicious sauce which is a fusion of the pork and French-Asian sauce that is so hard to describe. This dish is something you have to try to believe! :D

Japanese Beef Curry Souffle (525PHP) - I was particularly excited for this one because I've never had a souffle before! I do remember watching TV shows where they made this and how much of a struggle it is to make because it's so sensitive and delicate. Looking at it like this, it looks like a tough bread-like crust but once you dig in...

It's actually super duper soft and airy - almost like an omelette! The taste is also incredibly light; just hints of cheese. This is then balanced by the super savory beef curry rice underneath. I love how the creamy taste of the souffle neutralizes what would be a rather salty dish. This creates such a nice balance that's hard to find. :D

Miso Coq Riesling (450PHP) - One of the most interesting pairings of this meal. It's chicken simmered in a French white wine sauce. Eaten alone, it's super salty. But eaten together with the creamy, slightly sweet, mashed edamame sauce, it's a different dish entirely! Again, a beautiful balance is achieved and it instantly becomes a five-star dish.

Valrhona Gran Crus (475PHP) - No Le Petit Souffle experience is complete without trying out their signature desserts! This Valrhona Gran Crus is probably the most amazing dessert I've ever had. It's served like so but hot cream is poured around it to melt the powdery chocolate. The cake is so deliciously fudgy and creamy and all sorts of amazing without being sweet at all! Gah! I literally want to have it right NOW.

Next, we tried all three parfaits on the menu! :D

Matcha Parfait (195PHP) - This instantly makes me excited for all the matcha flavored treats in Japan because it's all literally here! There's matcha jelly, charcoal mochi, and so many other great things.

Salted Egg Parfait (195PHP) - Easily my favorite of the three. Even though I could barely taste the salted egg, I thoroughly enjoyed the caramelly flavors going on here. At the bottom, there are sweet crackers that are probably the peanut brittle. Again, seeing this photo brings back all sorts of evil cravings. Haha! 

Strawberry Lychee Parfait (195PHP) - I couldn't really taste the lychee in this parfait but I'm such a huge fan of strawberry and matcha together that I don't mind at all. It was like this fusion of soft-serve and halo halo with all the coconut jelly and beans.

I would totally love to come back here someday soon, especially with friends! However, the food prices range from affordable to pricey which is a bit of a negative. Can't blame them though because the quality truly is topnotch. When eating here, it's best to other a lot of dishes and then just share. There are *way* too many things to try for you to just settle with a single dish just for you. Haha!

Le Petit Souffle is located at 3F Century City Mall, Makati.


  1. What a cute restaurant! The food looks promising too. I want that souffle!

  2. the place looks cozy, i am a fan of pasta .. might drop by there and have that delicious pasta.

  3. I think I would enjoy dining here just as much as you did! Fusion cuisine is always welcome and I love how creative the chefs get when it comes to it.

  4. A cozy place, calm & serene is very ideal for a couple to dine together here. How I wish my wife and I could visit this place.

  5. The prices are on the high side. Like that souffle and the riesling, are they good for sharing? Or just good for one person? I thought you will post a picture of your dad so we can see if you two look alike. Hehe.

    1. Everyone says we really look alike! Haha! We're a family of 6 and we shared all of the dishes and ended up pretty full. The servings alone aren't really suited for big groups. They seem to be for individual entrees.

  6. The dessert looks good! While I won't go somewhere just for dessert, this looks good for instagram!

  7. The restaurant's interior design appeals most to diners and the food too! This place is great because of its fusion in decors.

  8. I have always wanted to dine in here but my boyfriend is not a fan of the cuisine, so I'm still looking for a friend to join me. The Truffled Hamburg Meatball Spaghetti looked so palatable. I'm definitely ordering that one in my visit.

  9. Awesome place! I love the interior design. And the food are just so mouthwatering!

  10. That is really a nice restaurant, cozy ambience and lots of variety of food, I am eyeing at that Pork Bourguignon. Wish I can try that when i go to Philippines.

  11. I can hang out here for the whole day since it's so relaxing. Century City Mall is close by so I'll try to visit the place.

  12. This place looks like a great lace to relax.. and gain weight.. hehe i hope i can have the chance to go here sometime soon..

  13. The place looks they offer pricey food. But looking at your photos seems to ve on the right price. Place looks really cozy

  14. beautiful and tasty looking food ! would love to try this place someday