Sunday, October 19, 2014

All Or Nothing

Just a quick post from me today since I haven't been able to edit my newer outfit posts. I seriously don't even know what to make of my work schedule anymore because it doesn't leave that much time for me to do most of the stuff that I like; that is, if I still want to be able to sleep properly. I'm thankfully still able to manage myself quite well, save for some activities where I have to work in a group and that just becomes all sorts of messy. But enough about that, let's talk about this outfit! Haha!

If you've been following this blog, then you know that I've recently gotten into K-Pop. Nothing major or crazy, but I've come to realize that I really enjoy the music even if I don't understand a thing! Haha! I've been so obsessed with 2NE1 especially after I watched them live here in Manila. (Read about that here!)

This sweatshirt design is actually part of their official concert merch but this is already a reproduced version courtesy of an online store that I discovered: SuperSonicShop. The original one is a lot nicer with the print being this subtle semi-shiny black print but it costs 2900 pesos and there was no way I'm paying for a 2900 peso 3/4 shirt. Haha! I got this at 600 which I'm sure makes everyone breathe a whole lot easier. Even though it isn't legit, I'm happy that I have something to remember that amazing night by. Also, I love that this shirt doesn't exactly scream the fact that I went to the concert because it only has the word "AON" and "21" at the back which most people won't get, so it can double as a casual shirt! :D

Officially my favorite number LOL. Not just because I love 2NE1 but it's also my birthday! I've never really had a favorite number like most people I know. I grew up sort of hating math and I used to not get why people felt this partiality towards numbers. Maybe there's something to this! Haha!

SuperSonicShop sweater, Sebago boat shoes, The SM Store silver chain bracelet.

I think this outfit is great for the surprisingly chilly weather we've been having lately. I hate that it's a bit too bipolar though. Yesterday, it was so cold in the morning but when I went out to have lunch, it was so hot! Hoping we can experience full days of nice weather in the future! Til then, take care, everyone! :)

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