Friday, September 5, 2014

Fine Greek Dining On A Sunday At Greeka Kouzina

My family's been on a bit of a Mediterranean food kick lately and I can't say I'm complaining! Among all the types of food, I have to say that Mediterranean food is my absolute favorite with Japanese food not far behind. I really love how this kind of cuisine just really focuses on a burst natural and fresh flavors; so much so that it literally feels like a party in your taste buds! :)

A few months back, we went to Greeka Kouzina in D. Tuazon, Quezon City and even from the get-go I knew it was going to be a great experience! The decor was really nice and refreshing and I loved the modern take on Greek pottery as wallpaper!  :)

As you can see, reservations are a must since Greeka Kouzina is almost always packed especially on Sundays!

The first up was the Melitzanosalata which is basically this amazing eggplant dip that you eat with their homemade Pita bread. I definitely like it better than the usual Hummus dip but that's probably because I love eggplant so much! Haha!

The salads are definitely *definitely* (Twice for emphasis, LOL) the dishes you should order! This one is the Fig Arugula Salata and it is this beautiful mix dried candied figs mixed with arugula greens and topped with a super light dressing and some cheese I can't pronounce! Haha! If I'm not mistaken there were even some nuts in the mix and I can't tell you how much I loved the mix of sweet, salty, and the unmistakable taste of arugula!

Another salad we ordered was the Watercress Blue Cheese Salad which basically has what the name implies only with again the light salad dressing and some walnuts, maybe. I definitely liked the Fig Arugula Salata better but in terms of taste, this salad didn't have as much of a distinct flavor as the figs and the arugula in the previous salad, but it focuses more on a cleaner flavor because of the minimal flavor of watercress. Definitely, the blue cheese shines in this salad and I could have either of them any day. They're just so good! This is coming from me, and I'm definitely not much of a salad person. Haha!

We also had watercress pasta which is basically just pasta with a super light cream sauce that's just ever so slightly infused with watercress. It's pretty good but definitely pales in comparison to the salads.

The lamb shoulder is without question my favorite since I literally can't tell you guys enough how much I love love love Grilled Lamb. It's just so great on so many levels and no other steak tastes like it. You can definitely tell that it was seasoned so well and when you put lemon on top and dip it in the sauce, it just tastes so good - I can't even.

We ordered a small Greek Salad with Pita bread because salads! Haha!

Then, we had the Beef Souvlaki which had some tough competition from the Lamb Shoulder to follow! It wasn't as great as the Lamb Shoulder but the beef tenderloin dish was still pretty great regardless. The Greek cream dip never fails to give grilled meat that refreshing taste.

The Lamb Stew was sadly my least favorite, despite it being my favorite type of meat, it just really tasted ordinary. But if you're a big fan of kaldereta (A famous Filipino style of making stew), then you will probably really like this. :)

We also had Kalamari Tisanito which is basically your favorite calamari with a side of Greek dipping sauce.

The Salmon in Algovlemono sauce was the last dish and it's definitely everything you can expect it to be. The salmon was cooked with minimal flavor (Probably pan-seared), allowing the natural flavors of salmon to easily shine through and meet the fresh taste of the Algovlemono sauce!

Greeka Kouzina is located along D. Tuazon, Quezon City. They also have branches at SM Aura Premier, Little Baguio, and Kapitolyo.

Ending this post with a quick family pic minus my sister because she was all over the place taking pictures! Haha! Unlike me, she's quite the serious food blogger. (You can check her blog out here! Warning: extreme #foodporn!)

And that's basically it for today! I'm so so happy I got to blog again after about half a month! Now with exams finally over and no homework until the next few days, I'm considering myself totally free to have some much-needed rest and of course, blogging! :D


  1. Your photos of the food look yummy, but too bad, I don't really eat so much meat! Would love to try the Greek Salad with Pita bread though~

  2. I like Greek salad but not feta cheese. This place looks classy and the lamb chops too.

  3. I have ried both their San Juan branch and their QC branch. Very good food. Not too expensive. Will take note of your recommendations for future revisits.

  4. Almost every food is my favorite! they all look delicious. I hope they're affordable though - kaycee

  5. Aside from Thai food, Mediterranean also puts me an interest to explore it!

  6. I've never tried Greek dishes, but with this post, I think I will reconsider trying one. The dishes seems yummy.

  7. It looks like a really healthy meal for you. You also have a nice outfit here.

  8. Your family really loves salad! Hahaha I don't mind salad once in awhile especially if they have beef bits in it. The place looks really nice and the lamb shoulder so tantalizing!

  9. Your food photos looks delicious! I wonder what camera you're using to capture such beautiful images...

  10. You had quite the feast and all the food photos look so inviting. I love Greek salads and hummus. Now I'm feeling hungry.

  11. Love the salad and yes that chandelier catches my attention. - KarenT

  12. I love Greeka Kouzina! My family also loves the Fig Arugula Salad, and it is our default dish there. You should try their lamb chops too since you also love lamb. :)

  13. The salads is so tempting. I want one!

  14. hmm the food looking great, water came in my mouth, being a vegetarian i just concentrating on veg foods

    Agarwal Samaj Bhilwara