Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Keep Calm And Watch Movies

So it feels like forever since I've posted a style post! I'm so excited that summer is almost over and I can finally pull myself together and stop wearing my pambahay. LOL today's outfit post is pretty special one because it's all about how to dress for the movies! This outfit could be a great outfit if you're going with family, friends, or even a date! It's simple and I'm pretty sure every guy has something like this in their closet. :)

There's never anything wrong with keeping things basic and relaxed, especially when you're going to the movies! Make sure you wear clothes that make you comfortable all throughout the flick. This is exactly why it really pays to invest in basics that can last you almost forever! This navy linen shirt from Uniqlo has become a fast favorite of mine because it looks and feels great because it's super lightweight and great for summer, but the subtle texture of the fabric makes it feel super classy and high quality! Definitely check this shirt out when you pass by Uniqlo! :D

If you get easily cold like a lot of people I know, you can bring a lightweight jacket with you. Since it doesn't get super duper cold, usually adding a button-down like this will do! Plus, you can also sport the very famous wrap-around trend all the hipsters have been doing. Haha! I haven't figured out how to do it right yet so maybe in my next outfit post! LOL

Boat shoes are almost everywhere nowadays, and it's rare that you find a guy who doesn't own at least a canvas version of boat shoes. This awesome pair from Blackbeard Shoes are super comfortable and they're a welcome compromise to Sperry's heavy price tag. For less than half of Sperry's price, you can get great quality boat shoes! Proudly Philippine-made, too!

You can sport boat shoes this way, which is rolling your jeans up about three folds for a more preppy look, or just leave it as is!

H&M button-down, Uniqlo linen shirt, Terranova chinos, Blackbeard boat shoes, Lacoste watch.

And with that, just throw on your favorite jeans and maybe a nice watch, and you're pretty much good to go! That's an outfit you can even wear to school since I think it's appropriate now that it's back to school season. Haha!

Now that my outfit guide is out of the way, it got me thinking about my favorite movie ever and out of all the movies I've watched, I think the one that really made me love watching movies is Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock. If you were expecting a super deep movie like Inception, then you're wrong LOL. I guess I've always been really attracted to shows and movies that make me laugh and have a genuinely good time. I think it's awesome when something's funny no matter how many times you may hear or see it, and for me, that's exactly what Miss Congeniality has done! Sandra Bullock is one of my all-time favorite actresses because she is just so good, no matter what her role is! I've seen her in Gravity which is such an intense film that just grips you in a way that you keep imagining yourself being stuck in space. And I've seen her as a grieving mother in Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, and her performance was enough to make anyone cry, and she was a supporting role then!

Going back to Miss Congeniality, it's just this great comedy about a no-nonsense New Jersey FBI agent  who goes undercover as a contestant in the Miss United States Beauty Pageant to investigate a terrorist threat, where she's forced to ultimately change her ways and get in touch with her more feminine side. She undergoes this incredible journey which actually involves a lot about finding herself without losing any of the humor or the main plot, which is super important. I just love it to bits and I've probably watched it with my siblings for about 12 times already! Haha! In fact, writing this post makes me want to watch it again afterwards!

So I guess that's one new thing you learned about me today. I have this insane love for funny movies, even though sometimes the plot may be less than sensible. Haha! Movies don't have to be overcomplicated, in my opinion. So long as you're entertained and you actually enjoy yourself. That's definitely how it is for me. :)

Speaking of movies, just wanted to share this cool new app I've been using lately, thanks to Nuffnang. I didn't really know what to think at first, but after trying it out, it's a pretty awesome app! It's called GMovies and it's basically a really convenient way to catch up with the latest movies for your ultimate movie fix!

With GMovies, you can view trailers and reviews of the latest and upcoming movies to see which one you want to watch! The Rotten Tomatoes rating, for me, is actually really genius so that you have some kind of idea whether a movie is good or bad. You can also check the movie schedule in almost every mall you can think of which is totally awesome. Lastly, you can reserve and buy your tickets with GMovies! All you have to do is claim your tickets when you get to the theaters and you're all set! I love how easy to use and convenient this app is, and I'm not saying this because I'm solely promoting it or anything like that, but it's just this honest-to-God great app, and I think it's really helpful, whether or not you're planning on reserving tickets immediately or just searching for a showing time that best suits your agenda for the day! Definitely check this app out, guys! It's fantastic. :D

You can download GMovies for iOS and Android for free!
You can also check out their social network pages here:
GMovies on Facebook@GMoviesApp on Twitter@GMovies on InstagramGMovies on Youtube

What about you? What's the movie that made you fall in love with watching movies? Answer in the comments and you can win some awesome prizes from Globe and Nuffnang! You might win two free movie dates courtesy of GMovies every week for a month! Good luck! :)


  1. Oh yeah, thumbs up for that button down shirt. It gets really cold inside and it's a fuss-free solution not to mention stylish too.

  2. The GMovies app is so cool. That would really help me as I haven't been updated on the movies showing lately.

  3. You're so cool with your posing and I like the way you behave in front of the camera.

  4. I love Uniqlo and so I love your shirt too! Your brown shoes fits for you.I'm one of your followers since December last year ;)

  5. nice app! i have IMDB app on my iphone to check movies. also i love wearing jeggings when watching movies and a huge jacket haha sometimes i bring socks when watching and going to cinemas as i love to put my feet up to my chair haha #feelingathome

  6. Love the look, you look great carino!