Friday, June 27, 2014

Easter 2014: Adventures In Campuestuhan

We stayed at Campuestuhan and I honestly didn't know what to expect. It was a super long ride there and while I asleep, I was unaware that we were actually at the highlands already which meant lower temperatures, thankfully. Traveling locally just isn't so ideal anymore during Holy Week. The heat is too intense!
Anyways, when we arrived, it was raining the air was cold. It was almost heavenly. Haha! And one of the first few things I noticed was these towers everywhere which I later realized were zip line towers! Campuestuhan is actually an adventure type of resort and its not just for swimming. I didn't get to swim though because we were always doing other stuff and there are way too many people in the pools.

This is the separate villa where the restaurant is.

The reception area. (At least kind of.) This was where all the rooms were. It looks like a log cabin but it's all just log-shaped concrete.

The whole view of the lodge.

Campuestuhan actually has a bunch of stuff in the resort. It's a lot larger than you would think. Other than the zip line and swimming pools, there are a lot of statues of popular movie characters that you can take your pictures with. A bit more on that later. Haha!

The rooms are really pretty and classic. The only thing missing is the air conditioning. The only big downside is that there are no air conditioners or electric fans. They say its because they want to keep things close to nature but during Easter season, it just doesn't really apply. When you're out all day in the sun, when you get back, you're going to want to rest someplace cool and comforting. Not a room that threatens heat and claustrophobia. Add to that the bad mosquito net frame of the windows. It doesn't really keep anything out. :(

The place itself isn't really bad, maybe it'd be amazing to stay here any other time, just not during the summers. I just really wish they'd put at least an electric fan and not just rely on some weak ceiling fan to keep us cool.

Still, the interiors are so vintage-y and pretty. The trick is to just sit still until the heat goes away and you should be fine.

And now on to the resort! Most people are here on day trips so there are a ton of pavilions for rent and I actually saw a lot of families bring tents with them!

Here's the area where you can have your pictures taken with statues of iconic characters.

Like Green Lantern!

And Elvis Presley!

One of the things I regret not trying is the long obstacle course. To try the obstacle course, zip line, and bike zip line, you don't only have to pay but you also have to sign a waiver at the booth that handles the amenities. You should do this before heading on over to the attraction so you won't waste your time walking around the big resort.

My dad actually tried this but gave up before he could finish because the tires part was so hard to get through. A lot of the people I saw couldn't even get through the first part properly, but you can't blame them. It's actually kind of scary! Haha!

You can also pretend to be captured by King Kong if you want.

Now, the zip line I tried. And it was really fun! They allow you to do it sitting or totally on your belly called, the "Superman," which is pretty self-explanatory. LOL But here, the Superman is only allowed for people who weigh 50 kilos or less which is a bummer.

The ride itself is pretty short, and they tell you that when you reach a certain point you have to change your position to an almost horizontal position so you won't get hurt because when you reach the other side, there's an intense impact that just takes you by surprise! All in all, I had a lot of fun here. I'd say this place is actually really perfect for people who love to have adventures and want to just "live for a day."

Definitely a great place to have a day trip to. :D


  1. The place looks really fitting for a summer vacation with family or friends. And PS. I hate the summer heat too! LOL :)

  2. Very nice place to discover and enjoy at the same time. The zip line looks interesting to me, to try.

  3. I like the activities here especially the zipline. The log cabin looks so comfy for an accommodation.

  4. The place looks so relaxing to stay to! Perfect for family days!

  5. The lodge looks so lovely but you are right, an air-conditioned room will be very much appreciated during summer.

  6. Great place to spend summer. The zip line is something to try.

  7. Wow ang ganda ng place! NEgros ito tama ba?

  8. The lodge looks like a gingerbread house outside. It's so cute, however i think I won't like to stay there because of the heat (no aircon rooms will drive me crazy). :P

  9. This is all fun and amazing. A perfect time to bug down stress and pressure. I wanna try zip lining! Besides of the fun meeting people is a plus and can't be paid with any amount of money.