Sunday, May 25, 2014

2NE1 All Or Nothing Tour Live In Manila

Last Saturday, I got to attend my first-ever concert! (I know, 18 years old and I get to see a concert now. LOL) And I'm absolutely happy that my first experience was watching 2NE1 live! For those of you who don't know, 2NE1 is one of the biggest Korean girl groups EVER. It took me a long time to decide whether or not I would go because buying tickets cost a LOT of money. Thankfully, my friend found someone who was selling his extra ticket because his friend couldn't go. (Not a scalper, thank goodness) And I got mine for 4500 instead of paying nearly 7000 for the VIP Standing spot. :D

I already made my way to the Mall of Asia at around 2 to meet the guy selling the ticket. According to the fan club's Facebook page, people were already lined up as early as before lunch for the concert! So crazy!

Pictures of the crowd before 3 in the afternoon.

This was actually before it got really crazy.

Group selca before the craziness started. I went with my friend and her old high school classmate. They definitely made waiting a lot easier because they didn't let people in the arena until 6, and we had about three hours to kill!

And then this happened. People got really excited for some reason and the crowd suddenly pressed together and the heat was almost too much.

How I survived that wait, I have no idea, but 6:00 came and we finally got inside the arena. Glorious air conditioning. LOL but in all seriousness, it was really hot waiting outside. I regretted wearing skinny jeans and a faux leather-paneled shirt so much! Lesson learned, when waiting in line for VIP Standing spots, WEAR. SHORTS. ALWAYS. Haha!

Even inside, we still had to wait in line, which is totally understandable because believe me when I say how dedicated these guys are. If they just opened the doors to the arena, there would have been a stampede and lots of people hurt. :(

When it was time to go in, people fought because there were two lines and the guards let people in a few at a time from both lines and before you knew it, people were getting really rowdy that it quite literally hurt getting in the arena. Can't complain because these guys meant business and they wanted to see 2NE1 very badly. Still, I wish they could've conducted themselves a bit better.

When we got in, we made a run for the nearest area to the stage as fast as we could because VIP Standing is first come first serve and there are a lot of people who are willing to push and shove to get to the front even if it's already super crowded. It can get really crazy, I tell you, when people become wild, they become WILD.

An hour before the concert started. VIP Standing already getting incredibly rowdy and already screaming at the music videos playing on the screens.

And then the concert REALLY started. They started with CRUSH which is such an awesome track, and crowd literally went insane and I really thought we were all going to fall over the first five minutes of the concert. Nonetheless, 2NE1 was incredible even though it was hard to watch the first few numbers with people screaming in your ears and the getting pushed all over the place.

I was particularly sad because the camera that I brought had some kind of loose battery system and it wouldn't turn on. I had to resort to using my iPhone for taking photos and videos. Totally investing in a good mirrorless camera in the future. DSLR's aren't allowed apparently, but a lot of people in our area were holding a few SLRs and I don't know how they snuck them in.

Anyways, back to the concert, I literally spazzed when they sang If I Were You because it's one of my favorite songs from their latest album. And afterwards, they followed with an unplugged version of Come Back Home which they rarely perform which was why even I went crazy.

Afterwards, WINNER made an appearance and performed two of their songs. The crowd especially went wild with their rapper. LOL

CL's incredible performance of "The Baddest Female" which she transitioned into "Mental Breakdown" or "MTBD."

When they performed "I Love You," towards the end of the song, four popular male actors including Rayver Cruz and Sam Milby made an appearance, and the girls did a little lap dance as part of their choreography which of course made the crowd go wild.

During their encore performances they were given cakes by the official fan club because it was also their 5th year anniversary! :D

Each of their managers came out along with the dancers to enjoy the cake with them, and as a final performance, Dara performed "In Or Out" which was one of her songs as a budding actress here in the Philippines before 2NE1 came to be. It was so cool how she talked to the crowd in Tagalog all night long and taught the members popular phrases, and even Vice Ganda's infamous "Boom Panes" chant. Haha!

The crowd after the official end of the concert. Clearly, they were still quite amazed as me, because despite all the craziness that ensued, 2NE1 made EVERYTHING incredibly worth it. I didn't feel cheated out of my 4500 bucks because they were just that good. I'm not saying this only because this is my first concert because I've seen live performances before, but nothing in this scale and magnitude! This is also why when they come back in the future, I would probably watch them again. Haha!

So all in all, I'm still quite hungover and I can't stop listening to their songs! Seriously! Leaving this post with my video of their performance of the dance version of Come Back Home. Wait until the moment the beat drops, then it suddenly becomes about 5000 times more awesome. Haha!


  1. I'm a 2ne1 fanatics and love their songs and the beat of their music. Wasn't able to watched their concert but I heard it was great! Congratulations to them and for sure Jason you love your spot in their concert :)

  2. I could just imagine the queue with the warm weather but I'm sure people loved the concert.

  3. I love Sandara!! glad you had fun..

  4. The place was really packed since they have a large following here.

  5. Wow so glad no one was hurt during the concert! I can imagine everyone going crazy and pushing and shoving just to be near them. I'm so happy that Sandara is receiving so much success with her new musical group.