Friday, April 25, 2014

Lunch At The Greek Taverna

Long overdue post right here! I've been having the hardest time sorting out my priorities lately because it's surprisingly hard to adjust to the new summer schedule. My mind is constantly on vacation despite the two classes I'm having until the next four weeks. Also, I've been playing Final Fantasy Dissidia Duo Decim and it's such a guilty pleasure!! I mean, who doesn't love an awesome combat system? #AmIRite

Hopefully, I'll be able to post more regularly from now on, and I'm starting with this backlog from I don't even know when anymore. Sometime late last year, maybe?

Anywho, this was my Greek Taverna experience! I've visited here once before and at the time, it was still this little house that served really basic but really great Greek food with a few tweaks here and there to adhere more to the Filipino palate. I was so surprised when I came back last year that it had already undergone this huge renovation and it's suddenly a hotel and restaurant! Big change from its old hole-in-the-wall style from way before.

The ambience was really nice and breezy. If you didn't pay enough attention, it would actually feel like you were in another country! :)

First thing we had was the Greek Salad which was everything you'd expect it to be: fresh, tangy, and bursting with natural flavor! I love how simply it was made but how nice and clean it tasted.

Sad to say, I forgot to list down all the dishes we had so I forgot the name of this dish. I just remember it being on the specials display on the table. Nevertheless this baked roll was yummy! The flavors were clean but it didn't stand out enough for me to remember it thoroughly.

For drinks, we had some Sweet Lassi! Lassi is a yoghurt drink that has a mild tang and a sweet scent that just seems to make you smile. It's usually served in Mediterranean and Mid-Eastern restaurants. It has a mostly universal taste, but still a treat every time and everywhere you have it. :)

My favorite was the lamb because when is grilled lamb not good? LOL In all seriousness, the lamb was my favorite because it was a no-nonsense kind of dish that just packs that juicy lamb steak that satisfies your meat cravings.

I forgot this one's name too but I remember it being sort of like a Greek version of quiche minus the pie pastry. The mushrooms are the ones that really shine through in this dish, but otherwise, it tasted very ordinary and not much of standout either.

Stir-fried veggies in coconut milk curry. Probably the most ordinary of all. I have this a lot at home and it's not really very different from this one, but then there's not much you can really expect from stir-fried vegetables.

For dessert was this lovely Baklava! Now this I enjoyed a lot. It's basically a simple pie pastry with mixed chopped nuts inside bonded by a sauce and topped with honey. It's really simple but tastes absolutely great! The nuts give it a toasted flavor that balances out the sweetness of the honey and the syrup that holds the nuts together. I just wish it wasn't so small! Haha!

Greek Taverna is located along Calamba Road, San Jose, Tagaytay City.

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