Friday, April 11, 2014

Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken

Bluebay Walk is definitely a place to watch out for. It's near, it's commute-friendly, and it attracts consumers of all ages! Since it's still particularly new, there are only quite a few places to visit. I come here to check out Flying Dutchman's store because it holds some of the nicest boat shoes that are locally made and are absolutely awesome! I've yet to choose one but I hope I can drop by again soon!

When I found out that Hot-Star was going to open its very first flagship in the country I was absolutely stoked! And when I read it was opening in Bluebay Walk, I couldn't contain my excitement. You see, Hot-Star is absolutely famous for its humungous fried chicken fillet or Ji Pai (雞排) in Mandarin! When I was still studying in Taiwan, I'd always have it for dinner whenever my friends and I would go out in the city on our free days. It was large enough that someone with my big appetite could get really really full with just the fillet itself and nothing else!

Of course, Manila's Hot-Star is incredibly fancy as compared to the one I knew at the Shilin Night Market in Taipei. Here, Hot-Star looks like a quaint little cafe with adorable details everywhere! This is a big leap compared to their stand at the night market, which by the way, has the longest lines in the night market every single day!

I love how they made the service areas look like shipping containers and it gave their store a uniqueness that I feel I would actually use in my future projects at school!

They're also going to have an express area soon probably in anticipation of Bluebay Walk's other events so they can serve their fried goodies to passersby.

Another thing I REALLY love about Hot-Star is that the food is really affordable and really worth it! I was so scared that a meal might cost more than 200 bucks which is kind of steep for a student budget. It was such a relief to know I could get a great meal (complete with a drink and unlimited gravy) for around 150 bucks!

This place holds a great deal of sentimental value to me because it was such a big part of my summer in Taiwan! As crazy as it may sound, it really felt so great to be able to enjoy this treat!

And now, the food! From this angle, the chicken doesn't look too big at all. I ordered the barbeque flavored one with spice and I was absolutely shocked at how large the chicken was. I haven't eaten it in so long that I'd forgotten just how huge it was! Haha!

This is how huge it really is. The rice is nothing compared to its hulking size. And the fillet isn't thin either. It's quite thick too so you know you aren't cheated in any way!

As for the flavor, it's actually better than I remember it. Since they adjusted the seasonings and the flavors to the Filipino palette, they added new flavors like this barbeque one that I ordered! It's crispy with a smokey sweetness and all these lovely tastes and flavors that just feel really balanced and not overwhelming at all! Eaten with their homemade rice gravy, it's absolutely fantastic. Their gravy doesn't taste like you know you're going to regret this meal like most gravies. It's light but flavorful, and has this slight barely-there toasted rice scent that goes perfectly with the chicken like you wouldn't believe!

Too many praises for this place.

It was certainly a great lunch as I got to spend it with a few of my high school classmates! I wish we could do it all the time, but alas, summer class takes center stage in my life right now. Also, my laptop kind of broke down because it's really old and overused. #HandMeDownProblems I couldn't believe I didn't blog for almost half a month and I had a ton of free time too! :(

Anywho, now it's fixed for good and I have tons of photos I have to process while I balance this new summer schedule! Wish me luck! :D

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