Friday, February 7, 2014

Cambodia 2013: Angkor Wat

The last of my Cambodia travel diaries all lead up to this: Angkor Wat! I can't tell you guys enough how much these ruins were my absolute favorite part of the trip. It was hot that day, but when you get to experience such unique beauty, it all sort of just doesn't matter, and all that you sort of process is how amazing everything around you is. That's the beauty of travelling, I guess. :)

Now, Angkor Wat is HUGE. The photo above is just its humungous front gate and the temple proper looks almost like a castle estate. (If that makes any sense.)

Gorgeous views left and right. Everything is just a feast for the eyes.

There are a lot of entrances to the compound, but we entered through here because it was apparently easier to pass according to our guide.

More gorgeousness.

The statue of Vishnu, the god of creation can be found inside the perimeter walls.

As far as the eye can see.

Money shot right there. I feel like this pond was there for this one purpose. Amazing.

Now, for the temple proper. It's a bit of a long walk just to get to the main temple and it's probably murder to walk that distance in the scorching hot summer. *Shudders*

Super intricate carvings everywhere. You haven't seen detail until you see this.

One of Angkor Wat's many backyards.

Little details.

It's so hard to imagine the people of the early eras passing through these halls. Everything is just so profoundly robust and packed with history, it's insane.

In a lot of ways, the ruins all look and feel the same, but there's something about them that just beckons you to take them in. To feel the spirit that almost emanates from them. #Deep LOL

Apsaras carved on the walls. They deities in Cambodia. I remember all these names because I used to play Persona on Playstation. (Which by the way, is the best series that gaming has EVER known. #Fanboy)

This is the area you pass before reaching the highest point of the Angkor Wat. Before you can go up the highest part, you have to be sure to be in appropriate attire. Miniskirts, sleeveless tops, and super short shorts are strictly prohibited as it is a place of worship in their culture after all. The guards even had me take off my cap.

The stairs to the top has got to be the steepest I have ever climbed. Going up is not as hard. Going down is the real challenge. Be very careful here and pace yourself to avoid any accidents because the steps are small and steep. :O

The top is no different from the lower parts to be honest. But it's still worth going to just to finish the entire tour. This is the view from one of the windows. You can see the gate from where you entered from there! :)

And that is pretty much it for Cambodia! Moving on to Vietnam soon! Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. AHHH, i'm so jealous! It's simply breath taking! I need to plan a trip to Cambodia like, ASAP!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Cambodia. So much culture and story behind each city. If you ask me where to go, a beach or a place similar to this one, I'd rather choose this. Thanks for sharing your trips with us! ^_^

  3. I've always tried to avoid going to Cambodia because I feel like the only interesting destination spot there is the Angkor Wat. But after seeing this, maybe it's worth the trip. :)

  4. Oh my gosh all these temples! Maybe we should switch, you visit Belgium and I come to Cambodia. Seriously that ancient architecture is just perfect!

  5. relics!! i wish me and my whole fam can visit this place too!! good photos too man!!

  6. These are gorgeous! Added to my must-visit list :)