Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

The Foster The People hit instantly plays in my mind when I see this outfit and I’m not really sure why. LOL I think it’s because I just find the “running shoe” sole on my shoes so preppy and sporty and all sorts of cool; just like the song! Yung shoes lang. Haha!

This is what I wore a few Sundays back when my family decided to try out the buffet at the Philippines’ very own Marriott Cafe. As usual, I stuffed myself with all the buffet favorites; from steaks to chocolates to cakes! I’m so grateful that I didn’t gain too much weight, but I’m seriously putting myself on a buffet ban as of this moment. LOL definitely not going to let the weight gain happen again anytime soon! :D

But I digress. My outfit here is definitely not my usual pastels and soft knits. There’s even an unexpected use of brogues which is something I realize I’ve never really done. (Sad because the result was really cool!)

Because of the 3/4 sleeves craze nowadays, I’m so happy The SM Store has them in single tones like this instead of two-toned ones that are really becoming overused. (Even in the blog. Huhuhu sorry for that.) I actually want to have one in every color possible! (Uniqlo has so many) They’re just the perfect length for casual outfits and they don’t feel hot at all! :)

Another thing I bagged (Excuse the pun.) from The SM Store is this really cool Mulberry-inspired bag! I love how perfect it is for fall-themed outfits with its vintage gold and oxblood leather. For a very affordable price, it’s pretty durable too! Definitely a keeper.

Last of my latest acquisitions from The SM Store, courtesy of the GCs (which are sadly close to running out LOL), are these awesome brogues from Milanos! If you’re familiar with the famous Cole Haan Lunargrands then you know how iconic this design is. The combination of the classic brogue and the “running shoe” sole is such a breath of fresh air and is just so perfect for all the trendy-sporty guys out there. It’s also quite comfortable and I’m considering taking it on my trip later this month. Since I’m still quite penniless to afford Cole Haan’s original design, this pair will more than do for now. Haha!

Baleno top, Uniqlo legging jeans, Milanos shoes, Tomato Time watch, SM Accessories bag. (Hype this look on lookbook here.)

What do you think? :)

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