Sunday, May 26, 2013


Right now, as you’re reading this, I’m probably having lunch with my family at Tagaytay! Indeed, queueing is truly a blogger’s best friend. Hahaha!

Anywho, I was recently referred to another blogger contest by a friend of mine, and I thought it was a really interesting way to test my creativity! I was so excited to find out that The SM Store was hosting it so that just makes it miles more thrilling! So let’s get to it, shall we?


Once I found out that it should be about cool finds, then I thought, what better way than to do an SM Store outfit from head to toe? I was definitely up for that challenge! :D


My outfit’s a mix of old and new items I got from The SM Store, some have been a staple in my closet for quite some time now, and some I just bought probably a month ago! It just goes to show how timeless and stylish the stuff there is!


My checkered button-down finally makes its first appearance here on the blog! I haven’t used it in a while so I realized this was the best time to sport it again! I remember getting this during a “Big MOA Sale” a few years back, and it even comes with a detachable hood if you’re in the mood for a more sporty “gangsta” look. LOL but seriously though, pretty cool!

My undershirt, on the other hand, is no stranger to this blog. It’s been one of my favorite shirts since I bought it, and it’s definitely proof that even undershirts can be fashionable! Plus, it’s actually one of the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn. Probably better than a lot of the brands that I’ve tried before! Versatility and functionality all in one. That’s hard to beat! :)


A booming part of The SM Store nowadays is most definitely their accessories line. I often find myself lusting over almost EVERYTHING! Although they’re all quite affordable, it’s so hard to settle on just one! I’m sure accessories enthusiasts like me would agree!


Bags are also part of their awesome accessories section, and I always make it a point to check out the bags whenever I go to the department store. Like their other accessories, their bags are also incredibly affordable, not to mention, of good quality! I remember getting this bag about a month ago during a sale for just 350 bucks, and I’ve been using it pretty much everyday since I got it. Up until today, actually! Loving it a little too much, if I were to be honest. Hahaha!


My most recent purchase are these sunnies! What is summer, after all, without a cool pair of shades complete your look? One of the things that definitely impressed me was their vast array of styles for sunglasses! They have many classic styles such as wayfarers and aviators, but since I felt a little adventurous at the time, I set my sights on this unique pair! I think it’s awesome how it looks like the love child of a wayfarer and an aviator. The plastic frames mixed with gold hardware is pure genius! I plan to get their round shades next! So hipster-chic! :D


Lastly, the oldest of the lot (And probably the sturdiest, if I may add. LOL) are my checkered slip-ons from Vans! Other than the trendiest accessories and clothes, The SM Store does not fall short on footwear. You can check out your favorite brands such as Converse, Vans, and Fila, but if you’re in the mood for trendier and more stylish pairs, Gibi, Salvatore Mann, and Milanos are also pretty on-the-mark with their creations! I long for the day I finally decide on what pair to buy! There are just too many, I tell you!


As I write this, I can’t help but feel more appreciative, or rather, amazed, of what The SM Store has actually achieved. True to their word, they really do have it all. It’s not just fashion, but also anything you could ever want and need, minus the hefty price tag! I think we can all agree that that’s not easy to do. For the trendy youth, it’s definitely a go-to fashion haven that doesn’t inhibit them, but on the contrary, celebrates their energy, their creativity, and most importantly, their spirit!

But then again, don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself! SM Stores are almost everywhere! Drop by one and see what I mean! :D

Freego button-down, Puritan tee, Baleno shorts, SM Accessories bracelets, bag, and sunnies, Vans slip-ons. All brands available at The SM Store. (Hype this look on lookbook here!)

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