Sunday, November 18, 2012

For The Books

Yesterday was my class’s turn to have their “emotion” shots taken for the yearbook, but unlike our graduation pictures, we didn’t need to be in proper uniform anymore, so there began a totally OTHER dilemma: What am I supposed to wear?

When you think about it, this is going to be one of those moments when you’ll be remembered forever for, because obviously, pictures can’t be freely changed after being printed on something as final as a yearbook, so this was definitely a huge challenge.

Shirt from Penshoppe, Cardigan from Xiamen, Shoes from Reva, Pants from Zara, Bag from Folded and Hung.

It was a never-ending debate in my head whether or not I would really go all out or do the exact opposite. It’s understandable that one would want to dapper up for an important photo, but then I realized how unbalanced it would seem, because on the yearbook, one’s graduation picture would be on the top. There, you look all formal and school-y. It would be so unseemly when you look and down and BOOM, total 360 change from your boring uniform. Especially since the yearbook theme was vintage, I was definitely not going to do that, which is why this outfit came to be!

I wanted to make sure there was color, but just the right amount, so I used this incredibly cool nautical shirt I got at Penshoppe. The red line on top was the perfect subtle complement to the powerful red of my cardigan. I love how it looks so relaxed yet put-together. Oh, the power of layering! LOL

Finally, I got a new bag for the sake of giving my other two favorite bags a bit of a break! Isn’t it gorgeous? My jaw literally dropped when I saw it even as I was still outside the store. First thought that came to mind is how similar it was to my Gaff rucksack from Flying Dutchman, except it’s the messenger counterpart! Long story-short? I swooned. Hahahahaha

To maintain the playful tone of the look, I used my pastel blue plimsolls to finish it off. I will forever love this pair. I wish it would live forever!

And that concludes my look! Can you believe all of these photos were taken only by my iPod Touch? (Of course, with the help of my good friend, Austin. LOL) I still can’t get over its ability to catch detail! Why must Apple create all the perfect products?

Anyways, ‘til next time! Hype this look on lookbook here.

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