Monday, November 5, 2012


I’ve always been a big big fan of Italian cooking, but I don’t think any of the great restaurants in Manila could ever compare to this little piece of heaven located in the wonderful lands of Tagaytay, an easy escape from the hustle and bustle of Manila just approximately an hour away!

Anyways, I’m really really glad I got the new iTouch this week, or else I wouldn’t be able to get these fantastic snapshots of the place and the food!

A lovely vintage sign greets you when you enter through the back parking lot. This is followed by an awe-inducingly gorgeous European interior, as you can see at the photos below!

I swear, you’d think you were in a totally different country! It was so cozy and homey and familiar; one would imagine he was right at home!

Let’s not forget the staff who were nothing but welcoming, and above all, fast and always on-the-go. It’s virtually impossible not to enjoy this dining experience.

Now let’s get on to the food!

One half 4-Cheese, and the other lined with lovely Prosciutto, this is undeniably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying! The mixture of cheeses creates somewhat of a party in your taste buds with its symphony of flavors. No exaggeration, seriously.

Next came this platter of baked mussels with homemade tomato sauce and grated parmesan. The tomato sauce makes this one a winning dish, and also satisfied my recent craving for shellfish! LOL

The truffle and olive oil pasta proves pasta does not need cream or tomatoes to be amazing! Keeping it simple, this entree is definitely a must-try to all.

One of the most interesting dishes I’ve ever had came in the form of this pitch-black platter of squid ink risotto. The creamy texture of the thick sauce along with the unbelievably tender pieces of squid is an orgasmic experience that is beyond words!

Last is their signature grilled lamb chops and asparagus. Although a bit pricey, you’ll later find out that it was worth every penny because of the stunning tenderness of the meat especially when drizzled with lemon juice, basically comprising heaven on a plate!

I find it a bit funny that it sounds like I’m writing the menu for this restaurant by how I described and praised the dishes. It was just THAT good! I would absolutely love to come back here! And I believe every Filipino should eat here at least once in their life! They’ve no idea what they’re missing!

Amoroma Ristorante Italiano is located in 3575 Calamba Rd., National Highway, Brgy. Tolentino, Tagaytay City.

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