Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Yabu Experience

So last Sunday, my sister was invited on her first ever restaurant review as a blogger! (Check out her food/baking blog here!) Since they said she could bring a friend for the free meal, she chose me!

In the end, we chose to visit the Robinsons Magnolia branch with it being a LOT closer than Megamall. It was coincidentally my first time there, but I can certainly say it won’t be my last! Though newly built and still has a few stores, I can tell the new Robinsons is going to be a smash hit when all the stores open. It’s like… my Trinoma away from Trinoma? LOL

Is it weird that this was the first photograph I took?

I especially loved this cute Anatomy of Katsu. It’s educational and mouthwatering at the same time!

Even the pictures looked good enough to eat!! LOL

The place was constantly packed! Clearly, Yabu did NOT need any more marketing. It was filled when we got there half an hour earlier, when we actually ate, and STILL packed when we were about to go home!

The manga print on the walls was definitely one of the things that caught my eye in Yabu’s excellently designed interiors! Everything was so posh and modern, yet so very Asian!

Even the condiments were cute! Each table had a great array of authentic Asian ingredients; from Yabu’s very own special sauce, to Japanese Goma dressing, to even Himalayan salts!

As we waited for our orders, our server taught us how to mix their signature sesame sauce. First, you grind a mixure of white and black sesame seeds. Afterwards, you pour in spoonfuls of the tangy secret sauce, then you’re good to go!

While waiting, I couldn’t help but snag a few photos of my Sister and I. That’s my dad in the yellow shirt on the left! Too bad their meal wasn’t free! And that’s me on the right. LOL

This photo, however I’m not very sure when my brother took it, but I posted it anyway for the sake of spontaneity!

Now… The FOOD!!

My Seafood and Chicken Katsu Set in all its Japanese glory! It included a bowl of Miso soup, cream sauce for dipping (Just in case you get tired of your sesame sauce, which I’m sure is impossible!), Japanese rice, julienned cabbage as a salad, fruits, and pickled vegetable slices. And of course, the KATSU! Did I mention, the salad and the rice is REFILLABLE? (Yes! You read it right! They’re “bottomless,” so to speak! LOL

My Katsu Set consisted of Tiger Prawn, Egg Plant, Bell Pepper, Oyster, Chicken Fillet, and Squid! All in all, I can certainly say it was one of the BEST Japanese meals I’ve EVER had! Though I probably wouldn’t have it everyday since I have to watch what I eat. (Sadly. LOL) The meal is definitely worth every penny, especially if you’re really hungry! You can definitely count on this meal filling your stomach like there’s no tomorrow!

Now, I conclude my post with a picture of my sister and I before we (And by that, I mean “I” LOL) ravaged the feast that awaited us!

Yabu: House of Katsu branches can be found at SM Megamall and Robinsons Magnolia. ALSO soon to open at the SM Mall of Asia!

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