Sunday, October 28, 2012

4 Days of Xiamen: Day 4

Like most things, my Xiamen series has finally reached its last day. And for my final look, I’m going to blog about the coolest outfit I ever tried during my stay. Also, after this look, I’m going to give our garden a break! I’m sure you’re getting tired of this big old swing behind me! Hahaha

If there’s anything that I really remembered about Xiamen, it’s that it was cold most of the time, save for the last few weeks that I could swear was almost Manila weather. Anywho, I tried this little combination, mostly because I was feeling a little adventurous! I can’t say I regret it; being open to a lot of things can really do a lot of good for you, agree?

Cardigan from Muji, Hooded Shirt from H&M (Xiamen), Skinnies from Bossini (Xiamen), Shoes from Converse.

Unlike my past few looks, this is the perfect example why I love gray so much. It’s cool and collected; relaxed, but put-together. Let’s not forget the fact that it’s great even without shocking neons or any color accent.

Who knew that hoodies and cardigans could go so nicely together? I was inspired to an outfit like this because I was just so in love with my top from H&M. I bought it immediately on my first time to visit the amazing store in Xiamen. A bit pricey, yes, but I feel absolutely noooo remorse. LOL

One of my favorite style tricks of all time would have to be mixing formal pieces with casual ones. Cardigans are particularly on the formal, preppy side, and it usually goes perfectly with button downs or simple tees. While my hooded shirt has a very skater-grunge-overly-casual vibe going on, not to mention its kiddy vibe which I have such a soft spot for. Mixing the two together made for a very playful outfit and a totally weather-appropriate look; a cardigan for the cold, and the hood just in case it rains!

The overused skinnies need no introduction, as I’ve used it in like a million looks already! What can I say, it’s nothing short of perfect! I feel like I could’ve attended my Chinese martial arts class in these and STILL be able to rock it. (Yes, it’s that comfortable.)

A closer view of the layering I did. Plus points to H&M for having my favorite city printed on the shirt! LOL

With this, I formally put an end to my Xiamen series! Hope you guys like it as much as I do. Comment below and tell me what you think, won’t you?

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