Monday, September 3, 2012

In With The Old

Shirt from Calvin Klein, V-Neck Tee from SM Department Store, Necklace from 168, Shorts from Boomerang, Shoes from Tretorn.

If you’ve been reading my tweets, then you’ll know that I’ve announced that I’d be doing an inspired look by my favorite bloggers: Tricia Gosingtian, Elise Chua, and Kelly Medina.

For a change, I smiled a lot in this shoot, as opposed to my previous ones where I looked so grim or worried. With the outfit being probably one of THE most comfortable I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing, it seriously wasn’t hard! It was breezy, it was light, and it was so simple!

I like to call this my adaptation or my take on Tricia’s and Elise’s look. (Click their names to view their respective looks on lookbook.nu) Also, a big percentage of inspiration came from Kelly Medina who almost always wears amazing pairs of shorts in almost every look but still manages to keep it fresh every time! That’s why I pulled out these dark olive shorts passed down to me by my dad. (I’m pretty sure it must be at least 15 years old.) Aren’t they cute? I’ve loved wearing it even before I got into fashion. And imagine my delight when short shorts for men came back in style? This baby could compare even to the bigger brands! Hence, the title of this outfit post!

Here’s me grinning like a child, surprisingly a bit too giddy about the comfort I was feeling wearing the outfit!

I wore it just in time too because my dad took us out to Greenhills for my brother’s birthday at Omakase (Which by the way, serves the BEST Japanese food to date!), and a little shopping after. Personally, I thought it was perfect for the “after” part since there was going to be a LOT of walking. (I mean, Greenhills is HUGE!) Good thing I wore my trusty Tretorns! Every step felt like the ground was “helping” me walk, causing me to exert less effort.

Something I discovered much later was how convenient it was that I wore a thin shirt inside, so I didn’t need to hassle myself into going in to dressing rooms to fit tops, I just took off the shirt and laid on what I wanted to try, which I think is kind of a must since there are rarely ANY dressing rooms in the Tiangge area of Greenhills. (Which by the way, is a must-try for every fashion aficionado who isn’t afraid to get a little lost in the huge place. LOL)

And so that’s my look last Sunday, sadly, I wasn’t able to shoot as many looks as I did last week, so expect that there won’t be any more outfit posts until the next weekend. I promise though, I’ll try to do some other stuff! Comment below and tell me what you think!

By the way, big big thanks to my sister (Check out her blog as well as her talent in photography!) for editing my photos and my little brother for taking them!

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