Monday, September 24, 2012

Common Ground

One of the things that’s made me love most about joining the “blogosphere,” is definitely the fact that I get to learn all these new concepts, ideas, techniques, and philosophies from different people almost everyday, be it male or female, Filipino or not. There is just so much to learn from so many people, and I honestly can’t say I mind. It just adds so much fun to the experience and just proves that there’s more to learning than just books!

So going to my look, I attempted to channel one of my favorites, David Guison. He’s actually the one who opened my eyes to the awesome trousers that are cargo pants because he’s worn this gorgeous pair from Defacto Industries in a number of his outfit posts, each and every one is just as flawless as the other! (Gaaaah, is it obvious I bow down to him in awe? Hahaha) That’s why when I saw this great pair at the Big MOA Sale last week, I practically jumped on the opportunity. LOL

Denim Shirt from Giordano (Xiamen), Cargo Pants from Uniqlo, Boots from ALDO.

This is me trying to look as gruff as Mr. Guison and obviously failing LOL.

To be honest, I actually had a bit of a hard time styling the cargo pants because they were out of my usual style. If you know me, I like to stick to light textures when it comes to clothes and tend to avoid “heavier” accents. I just thought it would be such a refreshing change from the usual, and I can’t say I wasn’t pleased!

Anyways, in the end I saw this denim shirt my Dad gave me from his last trip to China, and then I knew it was the perfect complement, and did I mention how amazingly comfortable it was? It was rugged, but not too rugged that I wouldn’t be able to “carry” it. (Because let’s be honest, I’m more of the preppy vintage-y whatever type. Yes, that’s what I call it. LOL)

Sorry for the lack of nice photos! The timing was just really really bad, and my family was suddenly in a hurry so I didn’t get to shoot as much as I wanted to. This is what happens when the photographer is being rushed and bad angling come together. I look somewhat like a disproportionate kid here. (Or is it just me?)

In conclusion, I really wish I had more time to take pictures to really be able to show it in a bit more detail! But alas, that’s life. (Drama eh noh?) So what do you think of the change?

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