Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day Out

It never occurred to me just how much I miss wearing checkered tops. There was a time when I literally couldn’t stop obsessing over it, but then again, I guess you can’t blame me, they’re just so cool and “bohemian.” (Whoa, deep… LOL) That’s why when I saw this plaid top in my closet, I quickly grabbed it without hesitation!

Shirt from Penshoppe, Cardigan from Uniqlo, Jeans from Zara, Bag from The Platinum (Thailand), Shoes from Westlink (Xiamen).

As you can see, I didn’t go all “fasyown” that day because I couldn’t bring myself to put my game face on in the mall and I couldn’t stop laughing, so my sister just adapted and took these photos. It’s be a waste of a cool outfit if we didn’t push through!

We actually didn’t plan to do the shoot right then and there, but since our little party took longer than expected, the sun was already gone by the time we finished, removing all possibilities of having a decent shoot outside. (Oh well, that’s life, I guess. LOL)

As you can see, I enjoyed my Koori yoghurt ice cream as I did the shoot, we figured since the theme was light and candid, I might as well eat it! Hahahahaha!

Anyways, on to my outfit. I guess it’s sort of become a rule for me to pair blue or dark tops with khakis for contrast. It’s certainly better than doing a totally dark look! Doing this avoids a far-too-boring ensemble. To keep the contrast going, I decided to wear my cream cardigan from Uniqlo and my Westlinks to match the pale tone of the jacket.

Of course, let’s not forget my cool top from Penshoppe who never fails to surprise me with their awesome collection. I literally want to get one of everything every single time I enter a store! (Is it obvious that it’d be such a dream come true for me if they were to be my first sponsor ever? Libre mangarap! LOL)

Lastly, to be able to carry my things, I used my lovely vintage satchel from Thailand! Gaaaah, even to this day, I’m so so glad I bought it when I had the chance. It’s such a wonderful mix of appearance and function! Best of all, it goes with almost any outfit!

That concludes my outfit for a fun day out! What do you think? And what’s your ideal outfit for a lovely day at the mall?

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