Sunday, September 16, 2012

Inspiring Words

"FINALLY! IT’S SUNDAY!" That was probably the only thing on my mind when the day finally came when my dad took us to the big SM Mall of Asia sale! Honestly, this was the only thing that kept me positive the ENTIRE week! I’d been planning this look since wednesday LOL

Shirt from Topman, Cardigan from Penshoppe, Chinos from Giordano, Boots from ALDO, Bag from BagKok at The Platinum, Thailand.

Still under the black-and-white spell, I styled this outfit with a little of that concept in the mix. The simplicity of the tones just makes so much room for versatility and allows you to incorporate almost any color! So, instead of sticking with just plain old monochromatic black and white, I used a little bright red, maroon, and a tiny bit of leather to break the monotony and implement my “shot of color” theory!

I’m absolutely in love with this varsity cardigan from Penshoppe! (Otherwise known as the KING of varsity jackets!) I am constantly blown away by their endless array of jackets  that set them apart from majority of the local brands. What especially attracted me to this jacket was that I love the fact that it was a “preppier” alternative to the classic varsity jacket, which in my opinion, is fast becoming a slightly overused staple. Best part of all: It goes with just about… ANYTHING! So this was just perfect, not to mention, I got it at 800php instead of 1500php, amazing right?

And of course, what’s the use of going to a huge sale without a wallet? So I brought my gorgeous long wallet from Penshoppe, which I swear has the softest fabric I’ve ever felt yet! LOL

OK, so by now, I’m sure you’re probably wondering where the “inspiring words” are. I’m so sorry it took me this long to get to it! These inspiring words are actually on my accessories for the day.

Slap-On Bracelet was won at a fair, Baller from PowerBooks, Tribal Bracelet from 168, Silver Bracelet is a gift.

I actually used the slap-on bracelet on a whim, I remember winning it in our annual school fair where they would organize silly games and rides along the school grounds. It’s definitely far from being the best, but it’s certainly fun to go to. As I went to the claim counter, I knew this was the one I wanted, it was just so perfect for my personality, and what’s more, it was in FREAKING red! My favorite color! (Coincidence? I think not! LOL)

Keeping with the “Inspiring Words” theme, my PowerBooks baller also contained its fair share of pep! If you look closely, there are words like trust, dare, and inspire!

And here’s a photo taken at the Mall of Asia before I started my “attack” as well as a better view of the cool slap-on wristband!

Did anyone else go to the Big MOA Sale? I certainly had a blast! I was a bit bummed though that I didn’t get to buy colorful lengthy socks at Uniqlo but I did get to buy these amazing cargo pants! David Guison-inspired looks, anyone?

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