Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finding An Outlet

Pardon the corny title, I couldn’t think of anything else! LOL So on National Heroes’ Day, my dad took us to Tagaytay to relax. Knowing Sta. Rosa, was just on the way, I couldn’t pass up a chance to hit the outlets available there!

I’m sure you guys have read a post or two about me raving about outlets and how much cheaper the stuff there is. Well, to guide you through it better, I took the liberty of taking as many shots as I could when we went to Paseo which is basically THE place to go for outlets!

The first outlet you’ll see after passing by their beautiful gardens that closely resembles Bonifacio High Street, you’ll see a very huge “Bench Depot.” Of course, my first thought was, why need an outlet for Bench? Aren’t they particularly affordable? So out of curiosity, I entered the place and immediately took back what I thought. It was something of a fairytale! (LOL That’s me being overdramatic.)

Seriously though, I was pleasantly surprised to find not only nice clothes from Bench at even cheaper prices, but also other brands that are technically under Bench because the owner, Ben Chan, brought these brands to the country. As you can see in the photos below, the Bench depot spans up to four extremely wide glass windows-worth of merchandise; that includes Charles & Keith, Chaps, Pedro, Celio, and many many more! 

And when you’re done attacking the Bench Depot, a very surprising store awaits!

Brand Smart, which is actually an outlet for, wait for it, ZARA! I’m sure skeptics would say, “How sure are you?” YES, it’s true! Though the tags have been removed for repricing, you can easily know by looking at the buttons on their jeans, as well as the remnants of the brand tag on certain tops. And if you’re really a frequent shopper, you’d know right away just from how the price tag looks! (I’m sure that by now, you know how much I love Zara. LOL)

The only downside, however, is that if you’re of a smaller build like me, it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to find something for your size because most stocks are in XLs, sadly. Win some, lose some, I guess?

So anyways! At the end of the day, I scored a dark green Slytherin-esque sweater from Brand Smart, along with a pair of gorgeous Tretorns from Res-Toe-Run at Solenad.

Solenad, by the way, is Ayala’s answer to Greenfield’s Paseo, and if you’ve been to Bonifacio High Street and Serendra, it’s going to look like the two places in one! It’s located at the Nuvali development which is also in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Though, it doesn’t compare to the number of outlet stores Paseo has, shoppers are compelled to visit because of the amazing ALDO Liquidations store exclusively found there! Add to that, their Res-Toe-Run sells their shoes at amazing discounts! I got my Tretorns at 50% off, costing me 1800php instead of a whopping 3600php! Amazing, right?

The dark-green sweater from Brand Smart a.k.a. Zara.

And, my fantastic shoes from Tretorn! YIPEE.

A little background on Tretorn, it’s a Swedish shoe brand that puts comfort and scientific functionality first! Aside from these, it’s made quite a name for itself for incorporating these amazing crisscrossed straps that hug your foot, giving you more control of your footwork! Best-of-all, it’s slip-on! So no need to worry about loosening laces and the like!

And that’s basically my shopping holiday. I promise to take more snapshots of the outlet stores the next time I drop by, and hopefully be able to discover more outlets at the vast mall that is Paseo, as well as Solenad! By the way, if any of you want to learn a bit more about Solenad, you can check it out in my previous post, here!

As for my look that day, stay tuned to find out! While you’re waiting, comment below if you have any questions or send me an e-mail at jchp121@gmail.com!

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