Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 15: First Ever Haul From...

This is definitely a haul to remember! My first ever shopping spree at Zara! Though I've blogged about how much I love it here, my parents have never allowed me to have stuff from Zara, until last Sunday. An even bigger reason to celebrate is that my dad's taken off the "shopping ban," when we made our detour to MOA before we went to the World Trade Center, we shopped around after lunch. My dad, little brother, and I hung around at Zara, with the End of Season Sale and all. Before I continue though, can I just say how awesome it was to see David Guison, Tricia Gosingtian, and Camille Co as endorsers for the Sale? Now, that's pretty cool, if I do say so. (Totally out-of-nowhere, I know.)

Anyways, I showed a few tops to my dad, and jokingly, I asked him if it was alright to buy it. He said yes, miraculously, and I almost fainted. It was just too good to be true for me. Though this comes commonly to most fashion bloggers, this is quite a milestone for me! So here's what I got:

Slim Fit Chinos, Black Zip-Collar Pullover, Printed Mint Shirt

This is probably the most interesting line-up of hauls I've had in a while. Everything I got wasn't something I would've normally chosen. It just goes to show how my taste has changed over time. Words can't describe how thrilled I am to use the chinos, the color is just perfect, but I'll probably buy the Flying Dutchman one in the near future because I love the color more.

The Zip-Collar Pullover is a very unique piece, I first saw it on the online store and it instantly caught my eye. Unfortunately, so did the price. 2000php was not in my shopping vocabulary. But then, when we went to MOA, it was reduced to 995php which is half of the original price, and of course, I jumped on the opportunity. It's pretty thin so it can be used to layer, but thick enough to be used as a regular top, so it's definitely an incredible addition to my collection.

This one, I must admit, is quite a splurge. Though 995php may be too much for a shirt, I couldn't help myself because finding this color is quite rare. Moreover, despite the thin fabric, it doesn't show impressions of my chest when worn. (Because honestly, it's the tendency in certain clothes that I hate the most.) I'll probably buy the Muji one though (Which is basically a plain version of this shirt), because I'm sure there'll come a time when the print on this shirt WON'T go with a certain outfit where I want to incorporate mint. Still, having this shirt is a HUGE reason to celebrate.

And that's basically my Sunday shopping spree. I really wish certain clothes would still be on sale even AFTER the Midyear sale. There are a list of things I want to buy but I'll have to save up for, but either way, I'm just so freaking glad my dad's lifted his "no-shopping rule."

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