Sunday, July 15, 2012

SuperSale Bazaar 2012

So today, I finally got to see the SuperSale Bazaar! After lunch and a LOT of shopping at MOA (Which by the way, I will post about in one of my posts this week!), we headed to the World Trade Center. The other members of my family were kind of hesitant so I just went in with my mom, because she can't resist a little shopping, like me.

The tarpaulin out front.

The big vinyl mat thing-y by the entrance caught my eye, and it kind of stopped me from accidentally going to the HP sale.

Food, and I mean lots of it, outside. From here, I thought there was going to be a small crowd. But then, I went in.

I could barely take photos because of ALL the people, but I was really refreshed when I got inside.

The whole place had this "tiangge" feel to it that I just loved, because I'm not just a mall-person, but an all-around shopping kind. What I loved about the atmosphere was that you didn't know what you would find. They had it all, for women that is, from shoes, to skirts, to blouses, to dresses, to anything, actually. For the guys though, there were only quite a few, unfortunately. All were relatively okay, in my opinion, but none of them stood out as much as... Drumroll please...

Flying Dutchman Shoes, of course! For those of you who don't know, FD Shoes is one of my favorite online stores, they not only offer a LOT of nice stuff, they also offer it a very decent price which is kind of hard to find these days. They've got admittedly not as much clothes as they do shoes, but believe me when I say the clothes may be few, but I'm not lying when I say I want them all. The clothes are simple but all are soooo fashionable, and don't get me started on their shoes! I actually bought my schoolbag from them which I posted about here and here. I'm currently eyeing their next collection's chinos which are just gorgeous. Anyway, enough about what I have to say, you can see for yourself by clicking the link.

Sorry for the bad photos, aside from the throngs of people there, I only had my phone with me, plus, my mom and her paranoia kept telling me to stop photographing because it might get us into trouble. Anyway, another very note-worthy booth we found was called Junk Studio Crafts.

I only managed to take a quick shot because my mom was scaring me with all her legal jargon. I have to say, Junk Studio Crafts is probably one of the most unique stores I've come across lately. They're the only place, I believe, who's really embraced the vintage and hipster feel, which is really really hard to come by. They've got the coolest novelties from book lockets, to pins, to different accessories and jewelry, to even these amazing vinyl bookstands (On the photo, by the way.) which I found to be so cool but sadly didn't bring much money to buy. Add to that, the owners were so nice! The booth also definitely earns points for originality and the coziness they gave it. It's definitely a store you'll want to come back to, again, and again, and again.

So that was my SuperSale Bazaar experience! Can't say I regretted any of it. As for my look today? You shall see tomorrow!

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