Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shopping: Judging The Book By Its Cover

Hey guys, this is a segment I like to simply call, "Shopping", here I'll be talking about the different aspects to shopping; reminders, morals, techniques, and the like.

Anyway, I've noticed that a lot of people, when shopping, have this habit of making overly-hasty decisions about certain pieces of clothing, as in judging something by it's cover. OK I know what you're probably thinking, isn't that basically the point of shopping for clothes? To find the one that looks good for you and ON you? The act itself is basically shallow; shopping, I mean.

I'm here to tell you that we shouldn't ALWAYS be too quick to judge clothes at first glance and just totally ignore it because it's not what we usually view as "nice." There are actually a LOT of clothes that aren't the least bit pretty or cool at first glance, but when you try them on, given the right size, looks absolutely amazing on you. Seriously! I say this because I've observed from most my friends that just because something looks a bit different from the norm of designs, is not even given a chance to prove itself.

Don't misunderstand though, everyone has his or her own personal style and taste. And yeah, we do have the right to choose what we want and ignore the ones we think are ugly or ridiculous or whatever you want to call it. I'm just saying, it's really good to keep an open mind at all times. You'd be shocked at what good it can bring.

Take this shirt for example:

It's not really the shirt that most people would prefer to buy at a store, because at first glance, it kind of screams, "Merry Christmas!" when you don't want it to, so the tendency is, to just move it along. But not many realize that with a little imagination and some creativity, one can come up with this.

Credit for photos goes to topman.com & farfetch.com

Is that amazing or what? A little open-mindedness goes a hell of a long way. Heck, I'd wear this. It's cool, it's kind of vintage, and it has that "musician" feel to it, all it just needs is a guitar or a cello and it's set. So I hope you got what I was trying to say: sometimes, it really helps when we give stuff a second thought. You never know what sort of amazingness waits on the other side.

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