Friday, June 22, 2012

Pastels: The Summer Color

Wearing pastels has been kind of an "in" thing for a few years now. But it wasn't as well-pronounced or as noticeable as some other trends were in the past. Now that's summer's come, pastels are finally given the hype they deserve.

Then again, what's not to love about it? Pastels give way to people who aren't very big on using color on their outfits, because the color is so mild and light that the color comes out subtly so it kind of serves as a good stepping stone for people to gradually learn to incorporate color into their personal style.

The thing I love the most about this trend is that it really speaks to me in terms of restraint, because it's hard to look sharp with simple ensembles if you don't know how, that's why most people prefer to invest in complicated clothing, and by that I mean throwing on layers upon layers of clothes to give their outfits some depth and to keep it interesting.

There's another pro about investing in pastels, it can stand on it's own without the help of layers, because the coolness it practically gives out is enough to make heads turn, seriously. Most importantly, it really meshes astoundingly well with Philippine weather because it's basically impossible pull off layers when it's 35 degrees almost everyday.

You may be thinking though, pastels are a bit on the sophisticated side, so people who're not really fond of wearing polos and chinos are not going to be able to carry or "feel" or even appreciate the trend, so here are a few tips on how anyone can pull off this trend:

First would be the most commonly used combination, but it's one of the hardest to pull off, for me that is. Pair your pastel polo with a pair nice-fitting khakis or chinos, folding the end of the pants a few folds up, and finally wearing the right kind of boat shoes or moccassins, if you prefer it. For an easy retro feel, you can tuck in your polo then gently pull it to create this subtle puff around your waist, or you can leave it out for a more laid-back feel.

The second is the alternative to those who have a more modern sense of style and not a big fan of going on the retro side, and that's to take any pastel-colored tee, not just the dressier tops, and pair them with lightly-colored shorts. You can also tuck the shirt in to show off your snazzy belt, or just leave it out for that effortless look. Like so:

Trying is a big part of fashion so I hope you find the pastel combination that works for you, though I doubt you'd have a hard time because this is quite a no-fail recipe for success. Embrace simplicity, have fun with pastels!


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